Monday, October 14, 2013

MS Has Made an Appearance

Prior to about two months ago, MS was in my life, but it was easier to live with. I had many of the usual symptoms: difficulty with heat, headaches, some slight tingling in my legs, balance issues, and other minor annoyances. Well, that all changed. Two months ago, I was out in my backyard cutting a couple trees down. This is Houston, so weather is always an issue that time of year. It was 95 and I was feeling it. Anyways, something bit me on the neck and I didn't realize it when it was happening. What I remember, I took a shower that evening and my neck, shoulder and chest were feeling numb. I didn't think about it much, just that it felt strange. I forgot about it.

Friday night, man, it felt very noticeable and it was up in the side of my head and arm now, too. Okay, this is MS! This is what it's supposed to feel like! I emailed my MS doc early Saturday morning. Okay, I have to stop and say that at this time, I still didn't realize that I had been bit on the neck by something, an insect, a spider, something. I was just thinking, this is MS. Anyways, Monday, I realize there is some itching on my neck and I see about 5 or 6 red marks that look like bites. Your asking how do you feel itching when you are numb? Well, I'm not 100% numb. It's about 60% numb on my neck and shoulder. It decreases in level of numbness the further you go from that area, except my forearm, index finger and thumb are about 60% numb, too.

So, my MS doc responds that she is not recommending steroids, because I still have some feeling and I have full movement. Okay, the side effects of steroid treatment isn't something that people are bragging about, so okay, I guess I don't need that. Perhaps, when things calm down, the numbness will dissipate and go away, and the feeling will be restored, I hope. So, I will wait.

That's my story.

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Kai said...

the waiting game of MS..dont ya love it! Praying you'll get your feeling back