Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Link Between CCSVI and MS. Ampyra Is Coming. Other News.

I had my semi-annual MS doctor visit last week. Booooo!!!

I go the the Department of Neurology at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston. I have learned to like my doc there. But, she, like myself, is always fighting an uphill battle. While there for my visit, she reads back what I told her were my ailments from the previous visit. So, what I found out was, I was ailing from pretty much the same complaints that I was ailing from a year ago. So, Betaseron seems to be working and I will continue that treatment. But, this year, something was added to my arsenal. I was prescribed Ampyra. Ampyra is called the "walking drug" in the MS circle. At least, it is by me. I can already walk. So, why am I getting it? I have some increased numbness in my lower legs, more so in my left leg. Reading some of the reports on Ampyra on Trevis Gleason's Everyday Health Life With Multiple Sclerosis Blog I am a little concerned about the side effects and also whether I will actually experience some benefits. Most of the reports are from people with serious MS that require the aid of a cane or walker, to start with. I need no help to walk. I have experienced numbness, a slight lack of control and balance issues, when it comes to walking. I still jump off the tailgate of my truck.

We all know there is no cure. We all know that the symptoms of MS are destined to get worse as time goes by. But, I can still do things. Do I really need Ampyra? Anyways, long story short, Ampyra is delivering two months supply and it will be here next Monday.

Next subject. Is there a link between CCSVI and MS. Will it surprise anyone to know that the study recently done at UT, "probably says that there is no link"? I don't think it is official. But, I took part, and I had the feeling that there was no link. I received indication that it appears there is no link. This was just one study. I will leave it at that, because I am not a doctor or researcher. I am just a MS patient and I donated my body to this study and let them do what they wanted.

So here I am. I have not found love. I am still searching on that front. It will hit me some day, I'm sure. Who will I be when it does is the question.

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