Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ampyra Arrives Tomorrow

I think the comments I have read about Ampyra are split right down the middle. I have read that Amprya is a wonder drug that gives people the ability to walk that MS took away. I have also read the opposite, that the symptoms of MS have sped up. What else? Oh, the sick feeling and pain of taking Ampyra is worse than MS and not worth any insignificant gains. How about this? Nothing.

So, here I am. I am very worried about taking this drug. The side effects scare me. I do not want MS to be sped up by taking something else that is meant to help. I don't want pain and extreme discomfort when there is none to start with. I can see myself receiving the drug and sitting and waiting and reading more, researching more. Then I will decide what to do with it. Decision time in 24 hours.

Enjoy your day. I'm off to the country for an ATV ride.

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