Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Workout For Someone With MS

For some it's rolling out of bed and then rolling to the kitchen in the morning. I'm lucky. I can do most things that people without MS can do. Sure, balance is an issue at times. My dog can attest to that. Long distance running is not on the menu. I am somewhere below that. Somewhere between housework and weight training and between the two, I don't prefer housework.

I've been slowed down lately with a heel problem and tendinitis in my elbow. The heel pain, after two months, is finally starting to subside. The elbow, ugh! Lately, it has been tough to open a bag of potato chips, it is so sore! My elbow, I can't rest. I have to use it. I have to eat those chips...

Anyways, when things calm down, and I trust they will... I will be getting back into my workout routine. I have an incline workout bench. You know, similar to the ones they sell on TV. Anyways, I love it. It allows me to use my body weight as the movable object. The angle of the bench changes the force it takes to move me. I can do it at home. I don't have to travel to the workout facility. I don't have to go into the dirty locker rooms at the workout facility. I am not working out on equipment that has seen the sweaty backs of thousands before me. My dog can jump up on my stomach and ride with me through my reps! She does! She really does! Jumping rope has become a feature of my workout. So simple, but so good for your cardio!

Coordination. Endurance.

Two years ago we had an employee Olympics. We had a relay and I chose to do the jump rope portion. I failed and was unable to complete the task. Someone literally jumped in to do it for me so our team could continue. I was embarrassed. Well, now I know that I could do it and with flying colors. So, now I am waiting to heal so I can get back into the working out that I love to do. I love it because I can see and feel the results. There is nothing better than being able to see and feel improvement, and to know that you earned it!

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