Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The World Is Still Turning

It’s been over a year.

What happened? Living my life, I guess. What do I do when I’m not blogging, which has been rarely?

I have been playing way too much poker. I joined a recreational poker league in Houston and I did get up into the top ten in the standings before the league sort of left my area of town and I stopped playing with them. Now, I’m in another league and doing okay. I play with a lot of the same people, so not much has changed.

I’ve been exercising, trying to stay one step ahead of the MS. I have an incline bench that I use at home. It’s much more convenient than hopping in the truck and driving to a workout facility and using their sweaty equipment and stinky locker rooms that are breeding grounds for athlete’s foot fungus. Sorry, but that is my opinion of workout facilities. I find the incline bench is a blessing. I can jump on it and whip out a workout in no time. And, I do see the difference compared to what I was before I started working out.

Traveling to see family also consumes a lot of my time over the past couple years. Vacations to the Outer Banks and the shores of Delaware have been great! Other trips to see Mom and Dad in Florida for holidays are beneficial to my peace of mind.

Hunting takes up a lot of my time, too. I’m a big-time hog hunter. If you are a hunter and you live in East Texas, the hogs almost call you. I have a big hunt for hogs lined up for this coming weekend, as a matter of fact. Poker will have to go on hold. Two falls ago, I went to New Mexico for a week of black powder elk hunting. I climbed a few mountains while I was there. My brothers came out to join me as helpers and to make sure I didn’t get lost. It was a self-guided hunt. We saw elk, but all the elk we saw are still walking. Also, being in Texas, dove-hunting is a staple and I take part in that kind of hunt once a year, traveling to South Texas for that.

About the MS. I took part in a CCSVI study with the University of Texas, Department of Neurology, headed by Dr Wolinsky. Some of you may know him. Some may know of him. I have never met him. But, it is that department that I see for my MS. They take very good care of me. I don’t know the results of the CCSVI study, but my part is complete and they are analyzing the results now. Rumor has it that they have not established a link between MS and CCSVI. I have had that same feeling about this.

Anyways, I will make this brief and finish this entry. But, I hope to write more in the future about all of the above.


Peace Be With You said...

Great to find your post. I'm glad you've been leading a full nonMS life.

ipf said...

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