Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe my self confidence is taking me places I shouldn't go. I don't know. Yes, I've been working out. I feel stronger, more nimble, and maybe even more attractive. My psyche has also improved, perhaps beyond where I should stop. I'm not talking in the physical sense. I'm talking the emotional, the relationship sense. I recently thought a young lady was attracted to me. I guess she was. I thought I received signals. I asked. She said yes. We went out. That should have been the first step.

Right now I am sitting here thinking it might have been the last. I have called her twice since the date and emailed her. She didn't pick up her cell. I left two very brief messages such as, "Hi! It's Paul. I'll talk to you later." I'm not good at leaving messages. Two days since my two muffed messages and email, and no return call or email. Now, I'm stuck as to what to do.

I think tomorrow I will try again, with the phone. Only this time, if she doesn't answer, my message will be more like, "Hi, this is Paul. I'm sorry for my short and seemingly detached previous messages. I suck at messages. Please call me so I can try again...." or something like that. If that doesn't work, it's onto someone new. BTW, I didn't tell her about my having MS. She didn't detect anything, I don't think. However, she knows some of my friends and she may be suspicious because I did tell her about my brain biopsy....uh-oh! Was that bad?


Steph said...

Isn't dating just a blast :). Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear from you!