Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been Running Fast and Free....

Where have I been? I must have been trying to forget about MS. Can't do that, though...go figure.

I'm okay. I am feeling good. I am trying to beat the feeling of MS by eating better and exercising. We're having a Biggest Loser Competition at work and, not expecting to win, I joined up. Really, I am not heavy, but I saw it as incentive to get on an exercise plan and firm up the middle. You see, I have this incline bench, kinda like the one that Chuck Norris pedals, but different. So, I hauled it out of my "Everything Room" and dusted it off. I knew if I left it in there, I wouldn't keep using it regularly. So, I plopped right in the middle of my living room and there it sits and calls to me every time I walk by. "Hello, Paul! Don't trip over me... why don't you stop and knock off a few curls, big boy!" it calls to me. Here it is almost midnight, and I'm sitting here sweating, typing, telling stories about my talking incline bench right after a workout.

Well, my strategy is working. I have been going at it for a good 8 weeks now. Now, I'll give you the straight scoop about my weight. Nothing to be ashamed about. Before I started, I weighed myself and I was 217 lbs. Now, this is before the Biggest Loser Competition started. I wasn't happy with that weight, so somehow I subconsciously lost 5 lbs before we started! So, I put myself at a pretty good disadvantage right at the start, because I only have so much weight I can lose. Did, I say I wasn't really serious about winning? To summarize, Week 1, I was 212.2. That's my official starting weight. This is Week 8 and I'm 205. That is a modest loss, certainly not award winning. But, if I could have held my 217 lb weight for Week 1, then we would be talking. The good news is I like it! I like the feeling of losing some stuff around the middle and I like the feeling that I am stronger at the same time. And, keep in mind, I'm 6'-3", so I'm almost getting hunky, if that is possible for me!

Okay, I'm alive, I'm okay, and I'm not as bad on the eyes as I used to be. I think I'll keep this up. I have lot's of reasons why, which I will write more about in the near future, now that I have found my blog again....wink!

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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to hear your reasons! Hurry back!