Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Maybe my self confidence is taking me places I shouldn't go. I don't know. Yes, I've been working out. I feel stronger, more nimble, and maybe even more attractive. My psyche has also improved, perhaps beyond where I should stop. I'm not talking in the physical sense. I'm talking the emotional, the relationship sense. I recently thought a young lady was attracted to me. I guess she was. I thought I received signals. I asked. She said yes. We went out. That should have been the first step.

Right now I am sitting here thinking it might have been the last. I have called her twice since the date and emailed her. She didn't pick up her cell. I left two very brief messages such as, "Hi! It's Paul. I'll talk to you later." I'm not good at leaving messages. Two days since my two muffed messages and email, and no return call or email. Now, I'm stuck as to what to do.

I think tomorrow I will try again, with the phone. Only this time, if she doesn't answer, my message will be more like, "Hi, this is Paul. I'm sorry for my short and seemingly detached previous messages. I suck at messages. Please call me so I can try again...." or something like that. If that doesn't work, it's onto someone new. BTW, I didn't tell her about my having MS. She didn't detect anything, I don't think. However, she knows some of my friends and she may be suspicious because I did tell her about my brain biopsy....uh-oh! Was that bad?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Been Running Fast and Free....

Where have I been? I must have been trying to forget about MS. Can't do that, though...go figure.

I'm okay. I am feeling good. I am trying to beat the feeling of MS by eating better and exercising. We're having a Biggest Loser Competition at work and, not expecting to win, I joined up. Really, I am not heavy, but I saw it as incentive to get on an exercise plan and firm up the middle. You see, I have this incline bench, kinda like the one that Chuck Norris pedals, but different. So, I hauled it out of my "Everything Room" and dusted it off. I knew if I left it in there, I wouldn't keep using it regularly. So, I plopped right in the middle of my living room and there it sits and calls to me every time I walk by. "Hello, Paul! Don't trip over me... why don't you stop and knock off a few curls, big boy!" it calls to me. Here it is almost midnight, and I'm sitting here sweating, typing, telling stories about my talking incline bench right after a workout.

Well, my strategy is working. I have been going at it for a good 8 weeks now. Now, I'll give you the straight scoop about my weight. Nothing to be ashamed about. Before I started, I weighed myself and I was 217 lbs. Now, this is before the Biggest Loser Competition started. I wasn't happy with that weight, so somehow I subconsciously lost 5 lbs before we started! So, I put myself at a pretty good disadvantage right at the start, because I only have so much weight I can lose. Did, I say I wasn't really serious about winning? To summarize, Week 1, I was 212.2. That's my official starting weight. This is Week 8 and I'm 205. That is a modest loss, certainly not award winning. But, if I could have held my 217 lb weight for Week 1, then we would be talking. The good news is I like it! I like the feeling of losing some stuff around the middle and I like the feeling that I am stronger at the same time. And, keep in mind, I'm 6'-3", so I'm almost getting hunky, if that is possible for me!

Okay, I'm alive, I'm okay, and I'm not as bad on the eyes as I used to be. I think I'll keep this up. I have lot's of reasons why, which I will write more about in the near future, now that I have found my blog again....wink!