Saturday, March 20, 2010

MS Blog Aware

If my last blog entry made it sound like I was living in my own little world, and a bit despaired to say the least, then I think this story will put some light on the subject. I started this blog for a number of reasons. One was for my own personal form of therapy. Having the opportunity to put my thoughts into words, I have to admit, had it's appeal. I also, saw an opportunity to communicate in some way with other people who were feeling the same way as me, physically and mentally. And, I wasn't sure that I was doing that, because, while people visited, they never commented. I thought visitors were coming and leaving, never to return. Plus, this being my birthday and being alone, I guess I was definitely looking for some communication. Well...after what just happened, what a fool I feel like, but if I don't communicate this story, I would be fooling myself even more.

I was talking to my wonderful friend Gloria. She was trying to cheer me up and I was talking about how no one ever leaves me comments. She said, "I tried to leave you a comment, but it won't let me!" So, she tried, and she was unable to figure it out, so I went into the settings and I saw this thing about emailing me when I get a comment. So, I entered my email address and saved the settings. Wouldn't you know, I start getting emails and there's about 20 comments waiting for my approval! I couldn't believe it! So, I approved them all and what a gift on my birthday! This has really made my birthday special!

So, thank you to my friends! Thank you, all!


Peace Be With You said...

I don't know if any of those 20 included any from me, but in any case, I'm glad you unplugged the funnel. Glad to have you back.

Have Myelin? said...

Isn't it little things like this bring us the most happiness? =)

herana said...

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