Friday, March 26, 2010

Medicinal Marijuana for Multiple Sclerosis?

Where do I go with this subject?

Have you heard about the New Jersey man who was just convicted and sentenced to jail time for growing marijuana in his backyard? This isn't a joke, so there is no punchline. This really happened.

Now, I don't know if marijuana makes life better when you have MS. I do know it is illegal in most states. New Jersey was one but is no longer. At first look, I can see some things I don't agree with in this case and I have no legal reasoning behind my thoughts. It's just an opinion. The man wasn't allowed throughout the court proceedings to state that the reason he grew the marijuana was for his personal use to treat his MS. I don't agree with that. So the end result is that this man leaves his wife and child and serves a three year prison term. In the article, you will see that he said he resorted to the use of marijuana because he couldn't afford MS treatments because of the cost.

This an opportunity for me to say to anyone reading this that Betaplus, the distributor of Betaseron currently charges $0 per monthly supply for Betaseron, regardless if you have insurance or not. That is a fact. I know because that is what I pay. But, that is not the point. Actually, based on what I just stated, I would have made a good witness for the prosecution.

No, the short story here is really many stories. Let me list a few that come to me here. (1) A man with MS felt that he had to disobey the law in order to improve his condition and he will now spend three years in jail for that. (2) A man with MS thought there weren't inexpensive conventional medications out there to treat MS and there are. (3) A man who was using an unconventional medication to treat his MS will now get all the free conventional medication for MS that the state of New Jersey can afford, in jail. (4) Marijuana is not considered medication in many places in the US. (5) Medical marijuana is now legal in New Jersey although the passing of that bill came too late for this man. (6) Why can't the Governor of New Jersey now commute this man's sentence and release him now that medicinal marijuana is legal in New Jersey...especially since that man wasn't even allowed to say why he used it in the court proceedings?

Seems like a slam-dunk case to me....

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Have Myelin? said...

Interesting. For awhile I also had to get my Copaxone free. Now I am on Medicaid and the State pays for it.

I am also on medical mj and I get that free as well. My caregiver gives me all I want because he knows I cannot afford it.

I wonder how many Vicoden users would freely share their stash. LOL.