Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everyone is doing something about MS and CCSVI

Look around you! People are acting and reacting! It makes so much sense that there is a link between MS and CCSVI.

Some are taking the leap and starting to receive CCSVI treatment for symptoms that are shared with MS. Here's someone who can't get the treatment in Britain, so he travels to Poland to get it. Here's a woman, also from Britain who has gone to Poland for the CCSVI treatment and received positive results. Another person with MS/CCSVI symptoms from Canada is traveling to India for CCSVI treatment.

Meanwhile, people with MS are out there advocating. Here is an excerpt from a typical comment regarding an MS/CCSVI article,

"I am going to Buffalo, N.Y., to participate in the research conducted by Dr. Robert Zivadinov. While I have not been chosen to participate in one of the clinical trials, Zivadinov has opened his clinic doors to people around the world suffering with MS to be tested and potentially diagnosed with CCSVI.
I will not let our government, our doctors or the MS Society tell me to "wait and see." Life is just too short to "wait and see."

To others with MS, I suggest you sign up for the diagnostic tests in Buffalo. Raise the money for these tests as I am, through various fundraisers and donations. We need to come together and work with one another to advocate and to actively get tested for CCSVI. This research just could be the answer to our prayers."

I think those are inspirational words.

But all is not well, as some that have received the treatment in the US have not fared well, with one patient having died.

So do you have MS? Does someone you know have MS? Is time on your side?

What are you doing? Are you a doubter? Are you a believer? Are you a wait-and-seer?

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Steph said...

I am enjoying your blogs surrounding the CCSVI treatment...they definitely keep me updated on the latest information, which is great news to the whole MS community.

I find the whole idea of it quite interesting but am cautious in jumping on the bandwagon. As long as my MS is stable I can't see myself looking seriously at this procedure just because the amount of research of the effects and after-effects just isn't around yet.

So, I guess that would qualify me as a wait-and-seer...but all the latest studies are kinda really exciting.