Thursday, September 3, 2009

Soul Searching

Not my own. It's fine. People with MS. I am a person with MS, living in a world without other people with MS. Now that I started a blog, purely on a whim. Just hammering away periodically, telling stories about myself, not thinking about what is next, not knowing how to do it... not really knowing MUCH, I have to tell you.

But, I'm a smart guy and I catch on quick. I quickly figured out some of the rudimentary parts of starting a blog. I delved into the inner workings of the HTML, not knowing anything about HTML, but I delved anyways and figured out how to set up the background. I customized a few things, made the blog format wider, because I know that sometimes I can write a mouthful and if the column is too narrow, well, it will require too much scrolling to read it all. Really, I did it for anyone wanting to read my stuff.

Then I figured out that not many know I am doing this. I started a counter and sure enough, the numbers have been low. So, I went out and found a few other MS blogs. I'm a friendly guy but I'm not always sure how to go about it. I was looking for others in a similar situation. Which brings up my point. I am finding that a lot of MS bloggers seem to be active for a year or maybe two and then they peter out and the entries become fewer and farther between. I wonder why. Just as I get started, others are getting out. Did I miss the wave? Is this a fad that is now on the downside? I must know the answer...


Lisa Emrich said...

Hey Paul,

There's plenty of activity in the MS blogging community. Peruse the list of bloggers here -

Yes, there are plenty of folks who start out strong and lose interest. But there are others who keep going.

When you find a blog you like, put it on your sidebar. Subscribe to the posts. Comment on posts. Let them know that you're there reading.

So get going and go out and meet some folks.

kmilyun said...

Hi there Paul,
I found your blog via Brass and Ivory.

I will add to my reader and see what your up too and writing about.

I guess if you missed the wave I got caught up in a riptide and am slowly being carried out to sea LOL

Maybe we should start our own fad and just keep blogging?

I dunno social things baffle me.


Taxingwoman said...

Hi! Paul
I was keen on doing my blog everyday Now I do it sporadically
Reasons being :
I don't feel good
I can't always say what I would like to say(beware the office lurkers)
I feel guilty spending so much time on my blog and reading other blogs

I want to keep it fresh and feel like I would just be repeating the same old stuff.

I'm adding a link to your blog on my blog and will drop by to say Hello now and then.

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You don't know how to make a decent cup of tea. :)