Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Oklahoma tests have concluded and the Director of MS Center of Oklahoma, Dr. Gabriel Pardo, says people with MS taking the treatment had a nearly 60% less relapse rate than those on placebo pills. Okay, so that isn't a cure. (BTW, they don't name the drug being tested in the linked article, but I assume it is alemtuzumab)

Me, I would like them to figure out what causes MS, and then, let's talk about a cure. Treatment is nice, side effects aren't so nice, a cure that is something else. Just me talking, now. I think eventually they will know what causes MS and all neurological-related immune disorder diseases and the cure will be at the geno level. It won't be a pill or injection that they can give you. But I have hope and I have some time, so I keep waiting.

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