Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Doing This For The View

I’m going on a quest, a mission, a journey, a party…

The start of which is NOW! My mind is made up.

There is no turning back in the face of any impediment or hurdle.

This is all about me and anyone else that wants to tag along.

You can stay where you are, you can follow, or you can turn away.

I’m going. That much is certain. I will do this.

The peaks are waiting and my legs aren’t.

Time is but a point in space where things align.

See you at the top! I'll be the one with the "Pearl-Handled Walking Stick!"

What am I doing, really? Over the next year I am heading out to some of the highest peaks with the best views in the state of Texas. I haven't picked them all out yet, but the areas that I am eyeballing are Big Bend, Guadalupe, Presidio County, Van Horn, Davis and North Franklin. The first trip will probably be timed for September. I will keep you posted.

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