Friday, August 28, 2009

My Left Side

From that brain scan over there...and it is looking up, so that is the left side of my brain where you see the largest of my lesions...I have tried to figure out what is supposed to be happening to me. Experts have partitioned our brains, you know, tested, prodded, and made determinations about our brains of what they do and what they control and how they do it.

The left side solves problems by logically and sequentially looking at the parts of thing; the right side solves problems with hunches, looking for patterns and configuration. The left side looks at differences; the right side looks at similarities. I could go on, but this is just confusing me and making sense to me all at the same time!!! Why? Because, while each description is describing an opposite for the respective sides, to me it is describing the exact same thing, because to me, if you are consciously doing one, you subconsciously are doing the other. Maybe that is why I am a good puzzle-solver and test-taker.

So, while I think I have solved the human brain, what I am still wrestling with is how MS is effecting me and my brain, and what my brain does for me. It still does everything, just not as good as it used to. The things I notice are obvious to me. But, what am I not noticing? This intrigues me!

To be continued...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Arrgh....Why Did I Do That!

I snuck into a movie the other day. YES! That is stealing, I know that! It was spur of the moment, just feeling wild again, if that is at all possible. Please forgive me, please. Anyways, I walked in to Funny People, thinking it was just a plain comedy, the usual fare from Adam Sandler and Seth know, nothing that is going to cause me to think beyond boy meets girl, boy does something really dumb, boy loses girl, boy learns from the experience, boy gets girl back, and everyone goes home wondering why they paid $9.50 for the last two hours of their lives...only in my case, I'm snickering because I was duped for nothing. I was wrong!

I didn't think these guys were capable of making something that related to me in some far-fetched sort of way. But they did and they did it in a way that kept me somewhat entertained throughout. So entertained was I, that I shrugged off the building "I'VE GOT TO PEE!" feeling until it came to what might be a slow spot in the story, when I rushed out to relieve myself, all the time trying to see if I could hear what was going on through the wall while relief was being delivered. No such luck!

I said this movie related to me some how, some way and it did. Except I'm not in the habit of spoiling people with explanations of movie plots before they have seen the movie, so I can only go into so much detail. Besides the overtones of humor, the movie also deals with death and disease, ooooohhhhh!!! I know, wow! Well, it deals with it with some humor but also boils it down to the sensitivity of it at the personal level and that is where it got me.

Let's just say, I enjoyed the movie; I enjoyed the humor; I enjoyed the acting; and the unexpected depth of it surprised me. Also, it is the first time I ever cried while watching an Adam Sandler movie and who would've thought that could ever happen to them? Not me, LOL!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Feel So Disconnected

I know...It's my own fault I feel this way! I haven't exactly been out know...hobnobbing, making my presence known, speaking up for the cause, grousing to others, glad-handing, sharing my MS... I guess if I'm going to commit, I might as well just grow some, step on out and holler out to others. Sitting here tapping out thoughts to myself isn't doing it. Okay, look out MS goes nothing...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Doing This For The View

I’m going on a quest, a mission, a journey, a party…

The start of which is NOW! My mind is made up.

There is no turning back in the face of any impediment or hurdle.

This is all about me and anyone else that wants to tag along.

You can stay where you are, you can follow, or you can turn away.

I’m going. That much is certain. I will do this.

The peaks are waiting and my legs aren’t.

Time is but a point in space where things align.

See you at the top! I'll be the one with the "Pearl-Handled Walking Stick!"

What am I doing, really? Over the next year I am heading out to some of the highest peaks with the best views in the state of Texas. I haven't picked them all out yet, but the areas that I am eyeballing are Big Bend, Guadalupe, Presidio County, Van Horn, Davis and North Franklin. The first trip will probably be timed for September. I will keep you posted.